Wicker Patio Furniture Set – Creating a Specific Theme with Wicker II

Ok so we’ve covered the tropical side of the outdoor world, now let’s head down South. No, not south of the border, South as in Southern Charm. That old Southern Charm with the scent of Magnolia wafting through the air; air so thick you could slice right through it with an ice cube. Even if you live in a coastal state, you can experience a charming garden in your backyard where you can rest and relax and feel as if you are in another place. That’s the grand thing about backyard decorating within a theme, is that you can be whisked away to another place and time, catered to your very preferences.

Wicker fits well in this theme of decorating because many of us have recollections of an old wicker rocker on Granny’s front porch. This is timeless furniture that is classic and fitting both indoors and out, making it a perfect candidate for your charmed garden. Here’s something to consider. When visiting your patio, people will notice first and foremost the furniture that you have placed there. When you decorated the interior of your home, it isn’t likely that you tossed in a couple of chairs and left it at that. Looking at the area outside of your home as another room, which it really is, you can come up with so much more for it than just a couple of tables!

The option of creating an outdoor space with a touch of southern charm is really simple. First consider what pieces of furniture you are most likely to get the most use out of. Most look first at a dining group and leave it at that. But, look around at different ways to break up your outdoor space. Do you have room for some wicker sitting chairs? How about a loveseat or sofa with overstuffed cushions in rich garden colors? Sometimes when you look a little deeper and envision Wicker Porch Furniture different layouts on the patio, you see how much room you really have! A seating group such as the Vineyard from NCI has such a charm that it is unmistakably welcoming. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up on a cushioned loveseat or sitting chair?

A wonderful thing about the wicker of today is that it is made with resin instead of natural wood. This means not only that your tables and chairs can last much longer, but also that more color options are available, and those colors will resist fading. So if the typical white wicker doesn’t suit you, there is the option to go with a natural honey hue, or a hunter green. Resin wicker is also much easier to maintain than that of our forefathers. There is not oiling or staining going on in today’s furniture, thank goodness; just simple cleanings with a mild detergent and water, or sometimes just a hosing off when company pops in. In the cushion department, there are colors in weather resistant fabrics that will go with any resin color you choose. Keeping with the Southern charm décor, cushions with big, bold flowers that will accent your garden are a great choice.

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