The Fire of Jeremiah That Burns in your Belly Till it Comes out

Jim Caviezel returns as Jesus in Passion Of The Christ 2 | Daily Mail OnlineIt was 11. 30 pm and I wondered if i was going to go to sleep tonight or stay up tonight and the Lord through the Holy Spirit had me see a News broadcast who is jesus christ that said statistically Australia based on the little over a hundred recorded years of weather is facing the worst drought in a thousand years.

It was quite a statement and I knew God was angry with my nation over our sins, our rebellion and open idolatry in the church, and I knew that this current drought was bad, but is seems the worst we have had in a thousand years. That means God has Australia under judgment. It’s no freak of nature, it is planned and it is God’s doing, and sure global warming through man’s errors have contributed to the situation the world is facing now, but we as a nation are being judged.

14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will i hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. He then had me describe to our prime minister in a personal letter to him why our nation is considered sick by the Lord and why this drought exists and what needed to be done by the church to restore the health to our country spiritually and for Him to send the rain as like Elijah’s prayer did..

Six years ago when i was off my medication I believe that the Lord led me to send a ten page warning to our countries leaders and I sent an email to all the Federal members of parliament. I emailed them the warning and never got a response and I am sure I got logged as a crack pot.

Today as i didn’t want to write the letter, The lord reminded me of a registered letter I wrote to a member of parliament once and how he responded to my letter and my questions and outlined how he was going to address them and promised to keep me informed. So i sat down for an hour and let the Holy Spirit take over and wrote something that turned out really quite easy to write.

The nervousness in my gut now, some half an hour after i have written it makes me want to be sick. Normally I will get this sort of sick feeling in my gut when the Lord wants me to say a prophesy out loud in the worship part of a church I am visiting. Now as i type I have this sort of prophet’s gut.

The essential message was that the church needs to repent from their sin, get on their knees and seek the grace of the Lord and turn from the wickedness found within it and its members and when the church body does that in a nation then the Lord will heal the nation. The prime minister of Fiji did this as a nation years ago and the Lord brought rain and healed their coral reefs and brought back fish to catch. The lord is a God of promises but when we serve the God’s of other nations we cannot stay blessed as a nation.

The message of repentance is not an easy message to bring. To bring a message that God is upset with the West is not a message I take pleasure in bringing to Christians as it causes me to step into the firing line. We all hate pain, but the Lord is sovereign and He gets His way in the hearts of the righteous and even us little guys have to do what the lord says each day, to take the little steps before we take the big steps.

I must say, I do not know where God is going with this message I wrote tonight but I have done my part, and what response I will get from the five page letter I sent our nations leader is up to the lord. All I know that the Lord has not called me to give soft wonderful messages all the time about peoples futures. He calls me to bring a hard teaching and possibly preach on something that isn’t popular these days, like obedience is better then going to church and singing praise and worshipAlthough they cost a bit more to construct, once the buildings are completed, they can save their occupants 8-9 percent in operating costs vs. conventional buildings, which can add up to significant savings over time. Recognizing the trend, builders, architects, and manufacturers are rushing to get in on the boom, which will ultimately bring down prices for consumers.

This is no longer just a few environmentally-minded homeowners placing solar collectors on their roofs to heat water. The boom is being driven by giant corporations like Ford, GM, and Adobe, companies that have incorporated green techniques into their buildings to improve their overall bottom line through increased energy savings. That trend proves that green buildings are no longer just a fad, and are definitely here to stay, because if companies can realize a quick return on their investment, they’re also quick to jump on the green building bandwagon.

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