Racing Post Tips – Dig Deeper For Value Priced Winners

When attempting to find more winners when betting on horse racing you can use the Racing Post tips section to discover the recommended betting selections for any one day. The racing post paper does have the best correspondents in the world of horse racing no doubt, and sometimes this information can be highly useful.

Rather than just following this information blindly though, there is more information than many realise when they flick through their copy of the Racing Post paper. If you have the time and can learn to dig a little deeper in to some of the more detailed sections of the paper, you will find information that others will not and that can help you to create value bets against the masses! Amazing Posting

Many of the tips given out in the Racing Post tips section, have been done so by correspondents, the day before the race. With so many races for these correspondents to cover, it stands to reason that the selections are chosen quickly and often without any connected information source to the yard.

If also their chosen selection on the day is a short priced favourite, you know that many people at the stable also fancy this horse and that it will go off at a likely prohibitive price. The key to making money when betting on horses is to always attempt to achieve to find the value priced selection in any race. It will be hard long term to make these highly tipped and short priced runners create a profit in the long run, as too many others will be betting on these horses.

So as well as the Racing Post Tips section where else can you search for value priced winners?

If you take a look at the index of pages on the inside cover, you will see many sections flagged up in the paper. The one that you ideally want to start paying a little more attention to if you do not already is the Trainer Spot section, normally somewhere in the pages between the mid twenties and thirties.

This section can help to really boost any Racing Post tips that you may be looking to back. There are many reasons why certain trainers do particularly well at certain racecourses. If you combine this information with any positive jockey booking statistics may also be shown in this section you can really start to highlight more winners. Also you will be amazed how often others do not seem to be paying attention to this detail as they blindly back and follow the markets!

It is amazing how often, you will see positive trainer and jockey statistics that would help to point you in the direction of winners. You may also see these statistics back up the opinions of the correspondents as mentioned before in the Racing Post tips section. If so, you now have more armoury to understand which of these shorter priced favourites are worth backing and which with no positive signs can be left alone.

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