How to Write a Product Review So Readers Gain Value

Today, anyone can review a product online. Just do a quick Google search of anything plus “review” and you’ll get pages upon pages of reviews from top tech companies, mommy blogs, and of course random people on Amazon. You’ll find many pretentious “experts” in forums, angry reviews in any online store, and funny product reviews that make you wonder how people have so much time on their hands.

Anyone can write a product review and have it be seen by millions. There’s definitely an appeal to make your voice be heard. But sometimes it goes too far. For example, when a product doesn’t meet someone’s expectations, or a company doesn’t give a person great service, some reviewers want to punish them. And reviews are a very effective way to do it. Just look at some of the one star ratings on Amazon or Yelp: people writing in all caps, people writing 5000 word essays.

There’s a sense of power and self-importance many people feel when writing reviews. And sure, one can argue that that’s fine. It’s their review, they can do whatever they want. But if you are trying to have a professional presence online and want to be portrayed as an expert in your field, you must write clear, unbiased, and level-headed reviews, even if the product experience was awful.

Outlined below are some basic tips to include in any review to get people reading, stay hooked, and give you their trust. If your intent is to truly help others, these tips are a must.

1. Actually own the product – Duh!

Gain their Trust.

This is a big one. If you want people to trust pay for essay reddit your review (and ultimately trust you), you need to own (or have tried) the actual product. It may sound obvious, but if you’re new to the internet review world, you’d be amazed at how many people review products without having ever touched the item. Many people get paid to write good reviews and others just want to hurt a company’s image. Either way, it’s not an honest review. If you’re writing a review for a product you’ve never seen, it’ll be obvious to your reader.


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