Breast Implant Innovations – Gummy Bears

Every year many women undergo cosmetic surgery in order to enlarge or reconstruct their breasts. Enlargement is considered augmentation; top cbd cream Canada reconstruction is the surgical procedure performed in order to rebuild it after it has been lost to cancer and a mastectomy. These procedures would be performed by a reputable cosmetic surgeon.

Breast implants are the medical devices that are implanted into a woman’s breasts when she wants to increase the size, replace lost fullness or reconstruct them following a mastectomy. The two most common types of implants are those filled with saline or those filled with silicone. But recently, a new type has appeared on the market. Many are dubbing them “Gummy Bear Implants”.

Gummy bears are chewy candies that originally were manufactured in Germany. The new type of medical devices for augmenting a woman’s breasts have the consistency quite similar to the candy – soft, pliable, flexible.

The gummy bear devices are actually made of silicone, but it’s a different type of silicone. This new implant features a silicone designed to hold its shape more than the original silicone devices. The particles in the newer models are “cross-linked” and therefore able to stay in the shape in which they are molded. The older models lost a bit of their format after being inserted into a person’s body. The newer ones retain their teardrop shape and appear to be very natural.

These gummy bosoms are under investigation before being offered to the general public, but so far, so good. The current testing shows that there are few leaks after six years of use, as well as fewer instances of capsular contraction. Capsular contraction is a hardening of the concerned region caused by scar tissue. The scar tissue can not only harden the area, but misshape it, as well.

Canada and countries in Europe have already approved the gummy bear devices for use in the general public. Clinical trials have been ongoing in the United States, and while the feedback has been favorable so far, there are still a few more years of studies to perform before they are widely available.

One concern is that the texture of these new devices is a bit firmer than a natural breast. These implants come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and textures. The shapes are either round or teardrop and the sizes are selected in order to harmoniously align with a woman’s bone structure and body size. It is important to select the size that offers fullness, curves, but also appears natural and doesn’t make the woman appear top-heavy. This latest gummy bear option looks like another technological advance for cosmetic procedures.

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